Donate to Brain Research

Our research team is funded from grants and from generous private donations. General donations or donations for specific infrastructure or projects are welcomed. We would be happy to discuss options that match the specific interests and ability of donors. Gifts are processed through the University of Calgary and are considered charitable donations that qualify for a tax credit. We provide regular updates to show the progress of students and projects funded by gifts. We are gracious and thankful for the gifts to date, Thank you.

Volunteer for an MRI study

Advancements in our understanding of how the brain work, is made possible by the willingness of others to lend their time to research studies. If you would like to register yourself as a BIT Lab research participant, please email and we will provide you a form.

Join the Team

We are always looking for new members to join our team. We take members of all career stages, including: high school, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels.

Applicants with backgrounds in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Computational Neuroscience are a good fit with our research program. Applicants with other Engineering or Science Degrees can be considered. Skills in programming, image processing, machine learning, and medical imaging are considered an asset. High GPA, previous research productivity, enthusiasm and work-ethic is weighted considerably. Applications should provide a CV, transcripts, and letter describing their interests and alignment with the research program.

Check our openings page for formal announcements of openings

If you would like to learn more about the Team click here.


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